“Humans, when compared to the rest of the creatures of the night, are hapless. Weak of will, pitiful of strength, naïve in the ways of existence. Oh sure, they stumble upon tidbits of knowledge, but as expected, they fail to use it effectively.”

“In the light of day, they are the gods of the earth, unassailable by any but themselves, which they do oh so eagerly.”

“However, every night, when their safety blanket sun sets, they sleep. An ignorant sleep, haughty, quaint. They sleep, ignoring everything else, stoic in their self proclaimed day light dominion on this world.”

“In their audacious slumber, they dream. Most dream of fortune, love, success, and happiness. Gluttony all. But, every so often, they stop dreaming. Stop dreaming and remember the truth. Fear, despair, horror. Running through fields, not of flowers and grass, but of razor-wire and sinew. Running not toward a lover or friend, but FROM some un-nameable horror.”

“In their lofty attempts to understand and control their lives, as though they ever could, they dub their history lessons NIGHTMARES.”

“How appropriate a title they have chosen. These “nightmares” are not their imagination working overtime, like so many humans do to “get ahead”. No, nightmares are far more terrifying, they are a history lesson. The fools don’t even realize that the human brain is a delicious textbook and historical journal. The human mind remembers how it used to be. It remembers, and it trembles. And in its trembling, it strives to alert them. Through their “nightmares”, I do so adore that word, their memories are screaming “remember, remember the truth! Don’t forget!”

“But, predictably as ever, the fools disregard this heralded warning. Passing it off to stress, pressure or some other laughable notion.”

“Well my nocturnal friends, I say it’s time to remind them that their dreams are not all fiction, some are reference and encyclopedial in nature. I say it’s time to shake them from their warm beds and soft dreams, time to drag them awake by the scalp and show them why they feared the night. Why they so brazenly embraced the day, why so many would sleep not by choice, choice would have them fleeing eternally. No, they slept from utter exhaustion and a desire to stave off death a minute more.”

Gather yourselves friends, gather and rejoice. It is time for a rude awakening.

Viktor Prime.

Hunter: The Vigil